Get Coached!

Want to be personally coached by a world-class trainer of your choice, regardless of where you live?

What’s the No. 1 secret successful dog trainers know?

You need a coach or a mentor to help you achieve your goals!

For the first time ever in the sporting and working dog industries, trainers and handlers can now get personally coached by a top trainer of their choice, regardless of where you live!

Our brand new program is called Get Coached! and it will revolutionize your results.

It’s as simple as uploading a video of yourself training at home with your dog or showing at a competition. 

You choose from our selection of world-class trainers who you would like to get coaching from. Then we will send you back your video with your critique, containing expert advice and instructions from the trainer, all personally tailored to YOU!

Watch a Get Coached video coaching session below

Here are just some of the benefits of Get Coached!:

  • Fast-tracking your skills and understanding
  • Learning the short-cuts to improve
  • Eliminating frustration of not knowing what to do next
  • Becoming more confident in the show pen
  • Having a video you can watch over and over to get the most out of each lesson
  • Discovering bad habits you didn’t even know you had
  • Being held accountable by your coach to get the most of your cutting experience
  • Building a relationship and rapport with some of DTO’s most elite trainers
  • Seeing your development in each video
  • Not having to leave your home to get personal coaching, saving time and money!
  • Improve your handling skills and look like a pro!

You can purchase Get Coached sessions as a one-off, or as a 3 or 6 video package.

We definitely recommend the 3 or 6 video packages as you will get much more out of the coaching experience. It will give you and the trainer a chance to see your growth from one video to the next and help you build on that progression. It will also allow you to develop a better understanding of and rapport with your trainer.

This is when your improvement will definitely be put on the fast-track to success!

As an added incentive, we make it cheaper for you the more video critiques you buy:

  • One video critique is $85
  • Three Video package is $225 (12% discount)
  • Six Video package is $408 (20%) discount

So don’t wait any longer to start seeing your scores improve.
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