After three days of competition at the South West Cattle Dog Association Futurity, Brian Jacobs And SBC Ivanka came out victorious. In fact, Brian beat himself for the title, also placing second with GS Dex, taking home a total of $13,246 for his efforts!

Joni Tietjen and Holly claimed third spot, collecting $5,760. Congratulations to them all!

Watch the winning run below.

Futurity winner and runner up, Brian Jacobs at the SWCDA check presentation with President Langdon Reagan.

Third place winner, Joni Tietjen and SWCDA President Langdon Reagan at the check presentation.

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Fantastic video with Mick Hudson demonstrating why a dog has got to learn how to give ground and cover to effectively control wild stock and big mobs. In this video, Mick explains:

  • Why dogs that want to naturally jump forward into stock coming towards them can cause big problems,
  • The importance of dogs understanding how to keep the same distance from stock,
  • How to teach a dog to balance stock,
  • Why dogs have to keep their face and mind bent towards the stock,
  • Why dogs that give ground and cover will stop a big mob easier,
  • Why he wants his dogs to be heading dogs first and then teaches them to drive stock,
  •  A great driving exercise,
  • Why Mick's dogs have clean strength and what he looks for in a dog,
  • Why dogs have got to learn how to push stock away and bring them to you.
  • Plus much more...

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