Jeff Christiansen

From: Weatherford, TX

Jeff Christiansen

Jeff Christiansen was raised on a ranch in Kansas where cattle, horses and dogs became an important part of daily life. Spending over 20 years as a professional
cutting horse trainer that specialized in the development of two year olds allowed him to also use dogs to help with the day to day operation.

The dog training started getting bigger and Jeff soon found himself a full-time dog trainer.
Jeff has had success in the trial arena and deeply enjoys watching other people's trial dogs that he has trained. The using and working dog will always be his great joy. Nothing
compares to a dog doing what they were bred and trained to do.

With the help of his wife Denyse and son Tyler, Jeff and his family operate a dog training facility in Texas that specializes in cow dogs that are strong and usable.

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November 1, 2023

Jeff Christiansen