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Joe Spicer

Joe Spicer from GoGetta Kelpie Stud  in Glenthompson Victoria, has been training dogs for 30 years and has won six Australian Working Yard dog titles and more than 100 trial dog trials.

He is regarded as one of Australia's very best Kelpie trainers and breeders. His bloodline is so successful that GoGetta Kelpie pups were featured in the Netflix hit series Muster Dogs. The waitlist for his Kelpie pups is long!

Joe’s breeding program has Australia's best genetics and set a new record for the highest average price of $17k at auction in his inaugural GoGetta Kelpie sale.

Joe had Kelpies when he was a boy but he started getting more interested in the training side of it as adult running a business in the city. That's when he hit the road and worked for food and board to learn from breeders and on sheep stations to master his training. Joe has had many mentors and worked with the best including Greg Prince.

Joe now splits his time between the 40ha Glenthompson property he shares with his wife, Sharon, and travelling with his dogs doing contract stock work and, more recently, working dog training courses.

Joe now runs “Train The Trainer" workshops across Australia where he shares his hard earned knowledge and passion for the dog. In these videos Joe’s skill and affection for his dogs is infectious.

Videos by Joe Spicer

December 5, 2023

Joe Spicer