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Joe demonstrates how he builds confidence and curiosity in his pups by letting them free range and play with the stock without a leash, illustrating:

  • Why he is not concerned about the pups causing splits or getting between the sheep.
  • Why the priority is that the pups enjoy the situation and have a good experience.
  • How to step in and protect the pups from getting hurt.
  • How to catch pups by being a step ahead of them.
  • Why he doesn't push the sheep out and forward towards the pups.
  • The difference between a good and bad dog trainer.
  • What to do when a pup is dominating a sibling in the litter.
  • Why you never pull a pup towards you when trying to catch it.
  • How to handle situations when things aren't going your way.
  • Plus much more...

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Joe Spicer

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