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Sometimes you need to go slow and sometimes you need to go fast. Your dog needs to know how to do both. Watch the talented Haley Hunewill demonstrate stock speed control in the field! In this video you will learn:

  • How to use cones or natural obstacles to help mentally picture when a speed change should occur.
  • How To use your dog to change the pace of the stock at will.
  • How to bring the stock up to a trot and then back down to a walk.
  • That an incorrect flank can unintentionally speed the sheep or cattle up.
  • How to correct a dog’s flanks in order to keep the sheep or cattle at the pace we desire.
  • Plus much more…

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Trainers in this Video
Haley Hunewill

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Haley has judged all across the country including The Bluegrass, Meeker and Kingston Championships, as well as the National Sheepdog Finals.

Haley really enjoys training dogs and has trained all of her own dogs that she’s won her major titles with and has also trained the 2022 NCA National Open Cattle Champion and MSSA Ultimate Stockdog Champion Syd, owned and handled by Dwayne Hurliman.

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