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Winnemucca CDT, Winnemucca, NV

February 28 - February 29


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Charlene Fetterly

On Horseback

NCA Sanctioned Classes
Open Horseback-1

NCA Non Sanctioned Classes
Nursery Horseback-1

There will be a ranch rodeo on Saturday and Sunday

NCA Region – WC

NCA and MSSA sanctioned

Fantastic video with Mick Hudson demonstrating why a dog has got to learn how to give ground and cover to effectively control wild stock and big mobs. In this video, Mick explains:

  • Why dogs that want to naturally jump forward into stock coming towards them can cause big problems,
  • The importance of dogs understanding how to keep the same distance from stock,
  • How to teach a dog to balance stock,
  • Why dogs have to keep their face and mind bent towards the stock,
  • Why dogs that give ground and cover will stop a big mob easier,
  • Why he wants his dogs to be heading dogs first and then teaches them to drive stock,
  •  A great driving exercise,
  • Why Mick's dogs have clean strength and what he looks for in a dog,
  • Why dogs have got to learn how to push stock away and bring them to you.
  • Plus much more...

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