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Haley Hunewill works with a 5-month-old pup in this video. She shows you how and why she teaches her pups to sit on a barrel, demonstrating:

  • When to release pressure as soon as you see a small try.
  • Why she doesn’t physically pick them up and place them on the barrel herself.
  • When to release pressure.
  • Why the key is rewarding the smallest try.
  • Why she is not big on giving massive amounts of affection.
  • How to increase distractions to test their discipline.
  • The difference between doing this exercise with pups and older dogs.
  • Plus much more…

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Haley Hunewill

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Haley has judged all across the country including The Bluegrass, Meeker and Kingston Championships, as well as the National Sheepdog Finals.

Haley really enjoys training dogs and has trained all of her own dogs that she’s won her major titles with and has also trained the 2022 NCA National Open Cattle Champion and MSSA Ultimate Stockdog Champion Syd, owned and handled by Dwayne Hurliman.

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