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Very informative three part series about semen evaluation and artificial collection with Dr. Esmond explaining:

  • To collect semen,
  • How to evaluate semen,
  • Why some dogs may have trouble being collected,
  • How to help a dog collect successfully,
  • Why breeding is not for the cheap or faint of heart,
  • What the risks of breeding are,
  • What determines litter size,
  • What is a good age to breed both male or female dogs,
  • What Biological Incompatibility is and how to manage it,
  • Why the theory of breeding back to back is good,
  • Why getting x-rays at 2 years of age is important for a working dog’s breeding program,
  • Why genetic testing is vital before you begin breeding,
  • Why he believes: ” When you know better you do better”!
  • Plus loads more….
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